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i got a guestbook!! sign my guestbook! (see link at the top)
btw, i've pretty much scrapped the thing i screenshotted project has really evolved since then!!


i'm so excited about a new project i am working on! so i figured out how to test out some coding in codepen. it's made my life so much easier because it displays html/css/javascript in real time. what a huge time saver from constantly testing my design on neocities! this means i've been able to make a much more complex layout with so many divs and elements. i've also been making my own graphics. i'm going to keep this site the way it is since first and foremost this is my personal poetry website - these new sites i've been working on are going to be an exploration of preteen / teen 00s internet culture. i feel like my intense nostalgia was triggered by me turning 30. i have sooooo many livejournal entries from ages 12 - 18 that i'm going to incorporate. also: aol instant messenger.

shoutout to everyone who was around when the internet was like the wild west and people had sites for everything! i personally had geocities sites dedicated to bears, koala bears, cute girly stuff...etc

i love exploring the sites neocities - i see a lot of ~*young folks*~ and zoomers who have been reviving this aesthetic! i'm so glad you like my generation's culture lol! just wanna say that i've been really inspired by people's creativity on here.

anyway, this is a sneak preview of the new project so's still a way's away and i don't have content yet. i don't even know if it's ready to preview...obviously this screencap doesn't capture the blinkies and gifs. i think it's so cool what you can do with simple html/css.
i'm sort of a n00b when it comes to web design, but being able to code from scratch has made things so much easier.


i was getting soooo tired of squarespace. i really miss hand-coding html&css static sites like in the 00s. it was a much simpler time. so i just said f- it. i'm not going to let squarespace and other web builders determine how my site should look! i want to express myself! i tried everything at first to try to code my site from scratch: wordpress, wix, dreamweaver (lol)...but it was way too complicated to break out of their default codes. but while up late one night on reddit, i found out about neocities! so here we are.



my book is #5 at SPD for july poetry bestsellers!

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honored to be among such good company